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This website is operated by Marine Digital Systems S.L. These terms and conditions apply to the access and use of this website and Customer Portal. By accessing and using this website and/or the services that are available via this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with this, please close your browser now and proceed no further. Marine Digital Systems S.L. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

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Protecting your privacy and the protection of your personal information is important to us. Using this Privacy Policy, we want to make our security measures transparent to you. If you visit our website, our web server automatically records the IP address which was assigned by your Internet Service Provider, the website that you visited before ours, and the date and time of your visit. This stored data is used exclusively for statistical purposes and we will not share this data with third parties nor use for commercial nor non-commercial purposes. Personal data is only stored if it is volunteered by you, e.g. by way of registration, a survey or a contract. We assure you that we hold your information as confidential at all times and that it will not be shared with anyone unless we have obtained your consent or are legally required to do so. To optimize our website, we may use cookies. These are small text files stored in your computer''s main memory. These cookies are deleted after you close the browser. Other cookies remain on your computer (long-term cookies) and permit its recognition on your next visit. This allows us to improve your access to our website. You can prevent storage of cookies by choosing a 'disable cookies' option in your browser settings, but this may limit the functionality of our website as a result. We store your personal data for as long as is necessary to perform the service you have requested or to which you have given your consent and if there are legal obligations to do so. We use technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data against loss, unauthorized access and deliberate manipulation. You always have the right to request your personal information stored in our system, to review and correct, if you consider it to be incorrect. If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal information, or if you wish to revoke your consent to the use of personal data at any time and with immediate effect, you may contact our Data Protection Supervisor via the email address below. For questions, problems or suggestions please feel free to contact our company Data Protection Supervisor. Contact: adv@Marine Digital Systems

Modifications to the web-site and portal

Marine Digital Systems S.L. reserves the right to make the website and/or Portal temporarily unavailable for maintenance and improvements of the IT-system (software and/or hardware) underlying the website and/or Portal. Marine Digital Systems S.L. will provide notice of any planned downtime at least one day in advance by email to registered users of the Portal of the temporary unavailability of the website or Portal. In urgent cases, Marine Digital Systems S.L. is not obliged to inform you in advance. For any planned downtime, Marine Digital Systems S.L. will limit the interruption of the access to the website to a time outside of normal office hours in Spain. Marine Digital Systems S.L. will not pay any damages for the unavailability of the website or Portal.

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The website and Portal is protected by intellectual property rights (such as copyright and database rights). The text, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, video files and their arrangement on Marine Digital Systems S.L. websites are all subject to Copyright and other intellectual property protection. These objects may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may these objects be modified or reposted to other sites. Some Marine Digital Systems S.L. websites also contain images that are subject to the copyright rights of their providers. However, information made available on the Portal for your benefit may be copied but only for personal use. All denominations, logos, and other signs used on the website, including the logo and the name of Marine Digital Systems S.L., are trademarks and/or trade names protected by law. Marine Digital Systems S.L. strictly prohibits any use of those, or of similar signs, except when prior authorization to do so is given in writing. Any infringement of these rights may give rise to civil and criminal proceedings.

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Our website contains links to other websites. We have no control over whether their operators comply with our Privacy Policy. We are only responsible for our content provided in accordance with general laws. For third-party content provided through links which are specifically marked, we do not take responsibility; we cannot be held liable for any content or for its availability and any link does not constitute an endorsement. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and for damages resulting from the use or misuse of information, the provider of that site alone is responsible. The editorial team is only responsible for the external references, i.e. positive knowledge of any illegal content where it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use. Our website displays information that has been collected from systems where the acquisition of this information has been performed by 3rd-party products. Marine Digital Systems S.L. relies on the methods used by these systems and the quality of the information obtained and therefore cannot be held liable for either any errors that occur during the acquisition of this information, or any interpretation of this information once displayed on the website.

Liabilities and indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold Marine Digital Systems S.L. harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the use of the website or Portal, violation of any right of any person or entity or violation of these terms and conditions. Marine Digital Systems S.L. will make the website and Portal available to you to the extent of its abilities but cannot guarantee that it will always be available at the time when you access it. Access to the website and Portal can depend upon circumstances that cannot be entirely controlled by Marine Digital Systems S.L.. As a result, Marine Digital Systems S.L. cannot be held liable for the non-availability of the website and Portal, any interruptions, loss and/or damage and/or modification of data caused by problems with your network, IT-system or Internet service provider. Neither you nor Marine Digital Systems S.L. will incur any liability to each other on account of any loss or damages resulting from any delay or failure to perform all or any part of these terms and conditions if such delay or failure is caused by an event of force majeure, due to causes beyond the control and without negligence of either you or Marine Digital Systems S.L.. Such events include without limitation: acts of God (fire, flood, earthquake or storm), strikes, lock-outs, riots, acts of war, acts of terrorism, acts of any government authority or interruption in a telecommunication network or electricity network. Marine Digital Systems S.L. will protect the website and Portal against viruses, hacking or other forms of attack to the best of its abilities but cannot guarantee the absence of malevolent actions and so cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused as a result. In any case, should Marine Digital Systems S.L. be held liable for any damages, its liability shall be limited to an amount of €1,000 EURO.

Disclaimer, warranties, limitations and representations

The information on this website and Portal is collected and maintained with the utmost care and is provided by Marine Digital Systems S.L. to the best of its knowledge and Marine Digital Systems S.L. makes no warranty as to its accuracy or veracity. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. Marine Digital Systems S.L. expressly disclaims any liability related to the use of such information, including but not limited to indirect or consequential damages. Any descriptions of Marine Digital Systems S.L. products on the websites are strictly informational and do not create any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement. Only signed contracts with the company will create any rights of third parties with respect to such products or descriptions thereof. You acknowledge that the website and Portal and the information contained herein has not been specifically developed for you. Therefore Marine Digital Systems S.L. cannot assume any responsibility with respect to the capacity of the website or Portal and the information on the website or Portal to meet your specific needs.


Marine Digital Systems S.L. has the right to assign any of its rights and/or obligations from these terms and conditions to any third party without prior approval from you. You do not have the right to assign any rights and/or obligations arising from these terms and conditions to any third party without prior and written approval from Marine Digital Systems S.L.. If any provision of these terms and conditions is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will be deemed to have been deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein. Should you wish to complain or dispute anything in these terms and conditions or in the website, Spanish is the language of reference and these terms and conditions are governed solely by the laws of Spain with exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of Palma, Spain.

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